At Border Physio Clinic we have staff who have helped take athletes from day one of injury, and after surgery, back to international and professional levels of fitness. We have experience of many different sports including rugby, football, golf, archery, cycling, curling, cricket and swimming to name a few. Some have gone on to represent their countries at Olympic and Commonwealth level while still being involved with the clinic.

Most of us will not reach those dizzy heights, but just want to get back to normal life, hobbies or work after injury and we can help you achieve those goals.

We can help after a fall, a car crash, a fracture, joint or ligament surgery, or after a sport or work related injury. Hands on treatment may be appropriate such as manipulation, massage and acupuncture and we will also suggest exercises for you to do as part of your rehabilitation. We have access to thousands of professional photos and video clips of exercises we can print out or email to you as part of your treatment and all at no extra cost to you.

We have links with local GPs, coaches, gym and swimming pool staff and, with your permission, will liaise with everyone involved in your rehabilitation journey.

Below are some video clips as examples of rehabilitation in action. We will obviously tailor your rehabilitation to suit your circumstances, age and aspirations. If you want to discuss if we can help with your particular situation do not hesitate to call 01896 823399 or email us.


Rehabilitation Video 1
An example of late stage knee and back rehabilitation


Rehabilitation Video 2
An example of late stage knee and back rehabilitation


Rehabilitation Video 3
An example of late stage shoulder and back rehabilitation


Rehabilitation Video 4
An example of late stage shoulder and back rehabilitation