Physiotherapy and treatment

Physiotherapists strive to promote mobility, movement, strength and the ability to do things (known as function) through accurate examination, diagnosis, physical intervention and on-going evaluation.

Your first visit will last approximately 45 min. During this initial consultation, the clinician will take a detailed history from you and perform an examination. There will also usually be time for some initial treatment. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing – shorts may be required. A chaperone will be offered if required, or you are welcome to bring a friend or family member with you. All under 16’s must have a responsible adult with them at all times by law.

After a discussion about your diagnosis, the Physiotherapist will suggest a treatment plan, if appropriate, and you may receive instruction on a home programme of exercises as well as details of what we can do. This may include, massage, manipulation ,acupuncture and home exercises, to name a few. Most of our Physiotherapists have an acupuncture qualification and we also have a fully trained traditional acupuncturist available. All treatments will only be carried out with your consent and after a full explanation.

At Border Physio Clinic, a wide variety of conditions and problems are successfully treated. These include back pain, neck pain, wear and tear problems related to osteoarthritis, sporting injuries, work related problems, recovery after joint bone or ligament surgery and overuse injuries.

Follow-up appointments are offered as appropriate, after a review of treatment/progress further treatment will be offered.

You do not need a referral from anyone to attend the clinic, but if you are claiming costs back through an insurance provider, you may need to get a letter from your doctor. The clinic is registered with Bupa and all other major insurance companies. Please contact your insurer prior to making an appointment and you will be advised of the correct procedure. Please take note that you may be asked to pay an excess and you may also be required to be responsible for any cancellations or non-attendance fees.

Treatment Price List