Monday7.00pm - 8.00pmTai ChiPat Weedall
Tuesday9.30am-10.30amPilates (Adv)Wendy Maguire
10.45am-11.45amPilates (Int)Wendy Maguire
Wednesday12.15pm-1.15pmPilates (Adv)Wendy Maguire
7.15pm-8.15pmPilates (men only)Wendy Maguire
Thursday6.00pm-7.00pmPilates (Int)Wendy Maguire
7.15pm-8.15pmPilates (Adv)Wendy Maguire
Friday9.30am-10.30amPilatesAmanda Richard
10.45am-11.45amPilatesAmanda Richard

For more information or to book any of the classes, please contact the instructor direct or visit their own websites.

Wendy Maguire (Pilates)
Tel: 07747 432418  Website: www.maguirephysiopilates.co.uk

Amanda Richard (Pilates)
Tel: 07712 587516  Website: www.funtastic-fitness.co.uk

Pat Weedall (Tai chi)
Tel: 07926 302822