Conference News.

PhysioFirst is a national organisation for physiotherapists in private practice. It holds an annual two day conference with an extra day of seminars.

It has been held over the last few years at Nottiingham University.

Last Friday Daniel Pulman, one of our physiotherapists, attended a stimulating seminar on entrapment neuropathies while Sally Vint, another of our  physiotherapists attended a practical day on the myofascial spine hosted by Howard Turner.

The first day of conference started with an excellent lecture on tendon injuries by Jill Cook, who is world renowned in this field. After years of reading and citing her work it was fantastic to hear her speak.

She was followed by Professor Tim Watson who lectured on healing and electrotherapy. His work has been invaluable over the years, and as ever he was enlightening and amusing.

Last to speak in the morning was James Butler, whose company offers business support and development. His top tips for building your practice were very well received and I think will help us keep on track for providing quality care quickly and efficiently.

After lunch, Lynn Watson gave a thought provoking presentation of recent research articles on shoulder instability and the day was closed by Mr S Sing, a consultant orthopaedic surgeon, talking about diagnosis for complicated ankle injuries and their management.

The content of the day was relevant and useful for our day to day practice and the conference certainly lived up to its usual high standard

Conferences not only provide wonderful lectures but also the opportunity to network with other professionals with similar practices and browse the trade stands.