New defibrillator box at the clinic!


We now have a defibrillator box located next to our front door at the clinic. This is for use by members of the public, farm workers, clients etc. anyone who needs it. If you would like a quick guide on how to use it please don’t hesitate to ask a member of staff. We would like to thank Scottish HART for supplying the defibrillator and box, NHS Borders, Rod McIntosh at the BGH, Libby Lindsay, and Pavilion Estate for the electrician.

Community defibrillators are set up so that absolutely anyone can use them, and no harm can be done either to the person using the equipment or the person who has suffered the arrest. Once installed, the Scottish Ambulance Service will be advised of the new defibrillator locations, which will be mapped into their command and control system, so that members of the public can be directed to them when emergency situations arise.

Scottish HART, is a Selkirk based charity who raise funds for research into Cardiomyopathy and other heart diseases. Scottish HART are working tirelessly with communities across the Borders to ensure that defibrillators are available and can be readily accessed by members of the public when required. When CPR and defibrillation are used together chances of survival from a sudden cardiac arrest increase from 9% to 50%.